keepassFX release coming closer

It’s coming closer. For more then a year I have been working on a javafx application that enables the user to use keepass files without having to use wine or mono on a Mac or Linux machine.

From the readme in the repository:

This program started because of the buying of lastpass by logmein. As you can read on the interweb Logmein seems to have a bad reputation concerning pricing and taking free and freemium offers away once they bought a company.

I have been a long time user of lastpass and I happily paid their (in my view) honest yearly fee. I decided to move back to Keepass2. However the functionality based on .net does not run too good on a Mac or linux machine.

Java nerd as I am I started coding to have at least the keepasshttp stuff working as I need that the most to replace lastpass. Slowly it will be moving towards a kinda complete implementation.

The project actually started end of 2015. In that time I have learned javafx, then kotlin and finally tornadofx. The application has been rewritten three times. And each time it got better.

Here is a very short youtube clip showing keepassFX in action. It shows the built-in keepasshttp server that works together with the excellent browser plugin

(Yes, my voice is terribe for these kinds of screencasts)

Here is a screenshot from the last issues I want to solve before I release it. After the release I will make the repository public so people can see, use and create push requests.

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