Home automation setup

Several people have been asking me lately to describe my home automation. This is a start of it. I dont have the idea I am doing something special, but it if helps them. It’s also a nice way of having it documented I guess.

All raspberry pi’s run metrics2mqtt and temp.py. They feed information into the mqtt network about the state and behaviour of the raspberry pi. Things I find the most interesting are the cpu usage, diskspace and temperature.

The lights and buttons are all connected using Zigbee. I use a Dresden technology Raspee HAT as zigbee coordinator

The heart of it all is Node-red. It’s an awesome piece of software that has a lot of plugins. With it you can easily connect with anything. The Node-red install I use talks to Google, Telegram, DeConZ and Mqtt.

This flow listens to 2 ikea buttons, a Philips button, Google home and the Node-Red dashboard. There is also (in the left bottom) is an intelligent timer that will switch on the lights an hour before dusk and in week days turns them off at midnight. Not that that stops us from staying up too late.

Links to all the awesome applications, blogposts and hardware I use:

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