Too much ideas, too little time

Do you know the feeling where you are constantly finding these wonderful ideas to do and you slowly realize that there are just not enough hours in a day, or days in a week. So just for fun the things I currently have on my list:

  • finish the plant tables for Isabel
  • finish the openscad design for the quarter cylindrical drawers
  • build an ESP 32 radio(maybe connect that to the amplifier that I still have from another project, see next point)
  • build a boombox (I still need to find a good midrange speaker)
  • link the leds to the 3D printer, The buck converters keep blowing up when the printer switches on. I think the printer pulls much amps during startup
  • See if I can fix the food processor, allthough I really start to hate that thing. Maybe time for a new/better one?
  • setup grafana for all the raspberry pi’s. But it is sooo repetetive.
  • Actually chose between chronograf and grafana. They both have good things
  • play with zigbee2mqtt with both the Deconz raspbee and the CC2531 USB sniffer. The Deconz raspbee works quite fine, but running a complete container with two web applications? Sounds a a bit overdone.
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