I became a Grandpa

Today I became a grandpa for the first time. Logan Gerard Smits is born. I am so incredibly happy for Carmen and Coen. If there are people that will be great parents it’s those two. (yes I am prejudiced).

I am sitting here behind my desk, looking at this screen, listening to gregorian chants and trying to understand my feelings. Like I said I am over the moon with happiness and at the same time a great sadness is in me. Is it time moving without remorse and reminding me I am now a granddad and I have to remember we are all mortal. Is it because seeing the name Gerard living on. Not a day goes by that I mourn for his loss. Not a day goes by that I see him in the hospital on the day he left. Tears have been in my eyes and on my cheeks ever since Coen called me. He was so happy, so tired and as he said it totally flabergasted.

Life and love is all around us. Huge events like this should remind us of the fact that nothing is more important then those two things. Not money, not riches, not materialistic sheit.

Life and love are all that matters

Whenever you can, hug your partner, hug your wife, hug your children, hug your friends and just tell them that you love them unconditionally. It is actually the only thing we really need in this world. People to love and hug each other.

So from me to you: I love you.

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